Baron Chevalier Anthony C. Coleiro


Hospitality & Tourism Chartered Consultant

TC-Consult & Associates – Malta
Malta Tourism Authority Enforcement Board
Institute of Travel & Tourism – Malta Chapter
Gozo Business Chamber (Tourism Directorate) – Gozo, Malta
Association of Hospitality & Tourism Executives – Malta Chapter
La Quinta Group – Italy
Director International
Trade8 International Group - The Sultanate Oman
Ambassador Malta / Mediterranean Region / International Advisory Board Member

B.of Joy — Cooperative Fair-trade Pro — Life Bank
Grand Chancellor & President of the International Chancery - OBSS

Ordo Byzantinus Sancti Sepulchri
​Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre
Vice Chairman

Networking for World Awareness of Multicultural Integration International Malta

I am a Chartered Consultant by profession, holding a Master Degree in Business Administration. June 2017, I was decreed and conferred an Honoris Causa by the Academic Senate of Universitas Sancti Cyrilli, the Degree of Doctor in Business Administration. Subsequently, I have always occupied the post of General Manager & CEO with various Hotels, Tour Operating and Creative Business Consulting Companies. As General Manager I had Managed three and four Star Hotels as well Time Sharing Resorts in Malta & Gozo, including Halland International Timeshare Resort, Qawra Palace Hotel, Lapsi Hotels, Hotel Serena Beach Resort Club & Spa., Bay Street Hotel Complex and The New Alexandra Palace Hotel. All Hotels varied from 65 luxury Apartments to 1000 hotel rooms’ bed capacity.

Since year 2010, I have been entrusted by the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector with Managerial Consultancy Services including Tour Operating and Destination Management Companies, Hotels, Leisure and Timeshare resorts. In July 2008 for three consecutive years, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta – Hon. Dr. Lawrence Gonzi KUOM., LLD., MP, appointed me Director on the Board of Directors of the Malta Tourism Authority. In June 2013, former Minister for Tourism – Hon. Arch. Karmenu Vella B.A. (Arch. Stud.), B. Arch.(Hons), A.& C.E., M.Sc. (Tourism), M.P., appointed me Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority’s Enforcement Board of Directors and then former Minister for Tourism – Hon. Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis B.A., LLD., M.P. re-confirmed me in this post for three more years until 2017. From February 2014 till June 2017, Minister for Gozo – Hon. Dr. Anton Refalo LLD. M.P appointed me his Personal Consultant with specific managerial and internal auditing duties for parastatal companies that lies under his Ministry. In July 2017, Minister for Tourism Hon. Dr. Konrad Mizzi B.Sc., MA (Notts), Ph. D. (Notts), MP re-confirmed my appointment and in January 2020, Hon. Minister Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Hon. Julia Farrugia Portelli MP re-appointed me Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority's Enforcement Board of Directors, and in December 2020, Hon. Minister Clayton Bartolo B. Accty (Hons), CPA, MP. reinstated my position for another three consecutive years.

December 2016 – By a Magisterial Decree, His Imperial Highness Grand Duke of Byzantine, Head of the Name and Arms of the Grand Ducal House of Moscow – Rhurisk Dynasty Imperial Prince of Enez with the Title of Bey and Rank of Kham Prince of Gagry and Marquis of Casual Grimaldo – PRINCE GRAND MASTER OF THE SOVEREIGN DYNASTIC MILITARY – ORDO BYZANTINUS SANCTI SEPULCHRI PROF. ALFRED JOSEF BALDACCHINO has enrolled me in the College of Nobles of the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre with all the rights, privileges and duties pertaining to my Rank with the Title of BARON, based on my Family Surname with the right use of my Family Crest surmounted by the Crown of Baron. Given from the Magisterial Seat of the Order in Malta on the Fifth day of December in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Sixteen (05-XII-2016) 30th. Anniversary of our GRAND MASTERIUM. Have also been decreed as BARON GRAND CROSS Chevalier and in January 2017, appointed Grand Chancellor of the Ordo Byzantinus Sancti Sepulchri.

My business activity includes the following: - Partner – TC-Consult & Associates – Malta; Director – La Quinta Group – Italy; Served as Managing Consultant to the following Hotels, Calypso Hotel – Gozo, Sundown Court Leisure Resort – Malta and Euroclub Hotel – Qawra, Managing Consultant for Body Forge Gymnasium – Gozo; Citadel Video Communications – Gozo, Tourism Coop Alliance – Malta; JP2 Travel & Leisure Ltd. – Gozo, Masseria Siri Hotel – Monopoly, Italy; YUE Health & Wellness Centre & DMC Co. Ltd. – Malta; The Green Clinic & Angka Café Rejuvenation Centre – Malta and Seabank Group - Malta. Tourism Ambassador – Institute of Hospitality – Europe; Chairman for the Institute of Travel & Tourism – Malta Chapter; Gozo Business Chamber (Tourism Directorate) – Gozo and The Association of Hospitality & Tourism Executives – Malta Chapter. My professional background and international accreditations includes the following: Fellow of the following Institutions - Institute of Sales & Marketing Management Association; Institute of Hospitality; Association of Tourism & Hospitality Executives, The Institute of Travel & Tourism and the Malta Association of Hospitality Executives; Member of the Institute of Professional Managers; Member of the Institute of Commercial Management; Charter Institute of Marketing; British Institute of Management; Malta Institute of Management; Malta Institute of Marketing Management; European Catering Association; Institute of Industrial Catering Association; Institute of Cookery Food Association; Institute of Directors; Skål International (Association of Travel & Tourism Professionals).

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Mission and Objectives

The tourism industry is the largest industry globally contributing significant economic benefits. In order to reap the benefits, specific challenges need to be overcome. The hospitality and broader tourism industry is dominated by extreme sensitivities to market conditions. Irrespective of whether development projects are large integrated resorts or small boutique properties, development success relies on commonly unobtainable and accurate market intelligence. TC-Consult Hospitality & Tourism Services, adopt this challenge to provide a platform of expertise from which investors, developers, owners and other interested parties can construe, understand, approach and effectively implement, manage hospitality & tourism developments and operations. The tasks of improving profitability, increasing market share and identifying and maximizing project feasibility, are the main objectives to each of our clients. We believe in cultivation of ongoing relationships with our clients and offer a vigorous responsive and flexible service to the highest quality standard in hospitality and tourism development consulting.

Baron Chevalier Anthony C. Coleiro KGC (OBSS)

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