Consultancy Agreement signed by TC-Consult & Associates and Apex Group – 1st. September 2022

A Consultancy Service Agreement has been signed between TC-Consult & Associates and Apex Group Ltd., a group of companies that strives to become a leading structure in the provision of Community Services for a wide range of clients with diverse needs. Since its launching in 201n Apex Group continued to grow and after an outstanding quality of service through its subsidiaries Apex Care, Apex Services, Apex Childcare and Apex Academy

TC-Consult & Associates is entrusted to assist in the general management / operational team if and when required, with proposed strategies of the Apex Group and any other project proposed by the Company and to be responsible and assist in identifying the key market niches locally and / or overseas;

TC-Consult & Associates will also be responsible and assist in creating the necessary attractive packages to be marketed for any of the existing and projected properties within the concept of health care, academy and medical services and or otherwise as indicated by Management. Notwithstanding the development and implementation of a public awareness, branding process, sustainability programmes amongst other general management responsibilities.


May 2022: Count Chev. Anthony C. Coleiro has been appointed by Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai, Founder & President, G-100, | the All Ladies League (ALL) | Women Economic Forum (WEF) | WICCI, Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SHEconomy | BIOAYURVEDA, as Advisory Member on the Global Advisory Council.

G-100 is an eminent and empowered group of top 100 powerful women leaders in the world with a vision for the future, including Nobel Laureates, Heads of States, Ministers, Businesswomen, Philanthropists, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Corporate and Community Leaders - all joined in a pact of purpose to create massive opportunities for women worldwide and pave the way for a gender equal future in this decade.

By the global leadership of the G-100 Global Chairs, and the G-100 Country Clubs comprising Country, Region and City Chairs along with members, driven by campaigns and engagements, the G-100 will build a rich repository of expertise, experience and engagement. A Vision Document will thus be created and will form the basis of our suggestions and recommendations to intergovernmental and multilateral institutions such as UN, AU, EU, and Governments worldwide, among others.

My advisory task will be looking forward by supporting and strengthening this epic endeavour of outreach, inclusion and advocacy toward our Mission Million - mobilising a Million Gender Champions toward achieving gender equality in this decade


April 2022: The International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO), based in Brussels, Belgium, has announced that Count Chev. Anthony C. Coleiro been appointed as Project’s Development & Membership Advisor for the International Social Tourism Organisation, with a specific mission for the development of memberships in countries within TC-Consult & Associates International Network any EU projects being monitored and managed by ISTO, - Observatory of Tourism for All.

The International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) is a non-profit organisation created in 1963. ISTO has a double mission:

  • Encouraging the development of tourism for all;
  • Promoting and supporting the different forms of tourism that benefit people, communities and the development of local areas, and relate to responsible, solidarity, fair or community tourism;
International Social Tourism Organisation has: -
  • More than 25 researchers and educational institutions in the Training and Research Alliance.
  • More than 150 members worldwide from public and private organisations in more than 40 countries and its members represent more than 100 million overnight stays.

EU Mena

March 2022: EU-MENA Events Management announced that they have joined forces with TC-Consult & Associates, a Management Consultancy for the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism sector in Malta.

The purpose of our collaboration is to develop a workforce in emerging markets to increase the meetings and incentives tourism awareness and to enhance the MICE business industry.

Count Chevalier Anthony C. Coleiro, a Hospitality & Tourism Chartered Consultant and Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority Enforcement Board of Directors within the Compliance and Regulatory Directory, adopted the challenge to provide through "TC-Consult & Associates" a platform of expertise from which investors, developers, owners, and other interested parties can construe, understand, approach and effectively implement, manage hospitality & tourism developments and operations.

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March 2022: E-Khanate Worldwide announced their association with OSA Group of Companies, managed by TC-Consult & Associates as the platform for International Tourism Alliance #Estonia #Latvia #Lithuania #Saudi Arabia #India.

E-Khanate Worldwide is dedicated to providing highly effective, innovative, most updated professional services to private companies, business organisations and individuals specialising in Travel & Tourism, Cyber Security, IoT, Renewable Energy, Green Field Projects, Investments, Real state and relocations globally.

Titaniul Capital

March 2022: Count Chev. Anthony C. Coleiro has been appointed an International Business Consultant by Titanium Capital group - USA.

Titanium Capital is a global investment group, specialised essentially in funds management .... Managed funds derives its power from its flexible structure tailored to not only the needs of the client but also their desires and whim. Lately, Titanium is backing education through the America University of Europe. This University is a game-changer of education in the Balkans and soon globally, it offers quality liberal education coupled with its student-centred initiative.

Voice Aid Logo

August 30th. 2021: Baron Chev. Anthony C. Coleiro on behalf of TC-Consult & Associates, signed a Non - Disclosure Agreement

Voice Aid International – , leading for further collaboration, including international events in Malta and other neighbourhood countries, with a good cause concept for humanity, environment and sustainability.The signatories include Madame Astrid Arens – The Voice Aid International President, an International keynote speaker, top business expert for neuro-communication / marketing, management consultant, with 30 years in sales, leadership, and corporate communication.

Also signed the NDA is Sir. Regino Hawich – Vice Chairman, former partner and fashion choreographer of pop-star- maker Detlef Soost and choreographer of Guido Maria Kretschmer at Fashion Week Berlin over several years. The presenter and choreographer is an entertainment specialist, works as a coach and promotes new musical talents.

The story of Voice Aid Association begins a few years ago on a wonderful summer evening. Different people meet, supposedly randomly controlled by the universe. But everyone knows that the universe connects exactly the people who are important for their current lives when the time comes. Now it is important for these people to recognize what chance for their future life and the history based on it lies in it.

It quickly became clear to all of Voice Aid Associates that they wanted to do something together within a social and environmental context. The questions that preoccupied them was: What can they do and what does it take?

The Voice Aid idea was born out of these thoughts, based on the Band Aid project of the 80s, when Bob Geldof made nations sit up and take notice.

The focus is on a globally unique campaign on the subject of humanity and environmental protection, coupled with a great deal of education and foresight for the future.

The Voice Aid Project operates with an ever-expanding base of artists, protagonists from the arts, culture and business, singers and bands, dancers and action artists as well as visual artists, such as painters, graffiti artists, etc., as well as product lines of sustainable suppliers and companies following the project idea.

Uwejja Digital Marketing Agency Malta

June 2021: TC-Consult & Associates signed a collaboration agreement with Uwejja Ltd, a Creative Digital Agency

Uwejja is based in Malta and deliver service, some of which include:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile App Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creative Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Ads
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Creation & Branding
Uwejja has established itself in the digital space, having worked with reputable companies and startups, including Demajo Wines & Spirits, VF Group and Boozewagon to name a few.

The creative agency has become recognised for going the extra mile for their clients, offering solutions to various issues.

Having worked in different industries, ranging from Retail & Finance to Food and Beverage and Sports, Uwejja is well equipped to help companies reach & exceed their goals.

Official Website:
Official Instagram: uwejja_malta
Official Facebook: UwejjaMalta

NNS Malta

January 2021: TC-Consult & Associates signed a collaboration agreement with New Normal Solutions.

NNS is a Malta-based consultancy firm with offices based in Malta and South Africa. Established in 2020, the company includes a team of senior industry professionals with extensive international aviation expertise ready to shape the right results for our clients. It is designed to answer the specific, urgent, and sizeable barriers affecting a highly dynamic industry.

Being aviation experts, we are devoted to supportingbusiness owners and companies mainly in the airline, travel, and tourism sectors to build, grow, and capture more value for their companies, including internal and external stakeholders.

Our expertise in business strategy, leadership development, coaching, and business advisory services establishes the foundation for identifying the plan for implementing a resilient business strategy.

Our "true north" value system emphasizes doing the right thing, not the easy thing.

PW Group

TC-Consult & Associates signed a collaboration agreement with Europe Emirates Group - March 2020

TC-Consult & Associates has signed a collaboration introducer's agreement with Europe Emirates Group which provides company formation services for firms looking to expand into new geographies. Headquartered in Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers, with associate offices in all major jurisdictions, Europe Emirates Group provides professional corporate set-up solutions in over 60 low tax and tax-free jurisdictions including the UAE, Hong Kong, Turkey, Georgia, Belize, British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Seychelles.

PW Group

TC-Consult & Associates signed a collaboration agreement with Amrac Recruiting Ltd. - December 2019

TC-CONSULT & ASSOCIATES has signed a collaboration agreement with AMRAC RECRUITMENT LTD. - Amrac Recruitment Ltd is a licensed Recruitment Agency which provides professionals, management, skilled and technical personnel, in various sectors / industries to Maltese Companies. AMRAC Recruitment provides employment and / or assists businesses in meeting their human resources requirements while also serving the needs of job-seekers. This collaboration agreement will also focus on sectors within the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, construction, health sector, accountancy and management, mechanical & electrical engineering, architectural amongst others who may require the services of a recruitment agency in addition to its internal human resource function, particularly when sourcing for external candidates, or completely outsource its recruitment to the agency.

TC-Consult & Associates signed a collaboration agreement with FWD Horizon - April 2019

TC-Consult & Associates signed a collaboration agreement with FWD Horizon an advisory company that offers experts who specialize in business intelligence and political risk analysis. The company is headquartered in the Baltic States (Riga), nevertheless it sees the huge business potential Malta can offer as a jurisdiction which hosts more and more international businesses.
Business intelligence services, like corporate investigations, due diligence and reputation checks, in predicting possible rip currents that might threaten your business now or in future. Moreover, thorough in-depth research can also help to implement modern communication strategies for companies, politicians and other groups. Regulatory investigations in the jurisdictions that are of interest to its clients (the EU or another) will provide an in-depth information that is essential for the industry and business in all sectors including the Tourism, Financial and Service Industry. By partnering with TC-Consult & Associates, the two entities will be able to monitor regulatory developments and changes therein so that you our clients can adjust their plans accordingly.
Geopolitical and country reports can help in tracking political developments and possible power shifts in the jurisdictions in which any business entity can operate. Being aware of what may happen tomorrow in the political and regulatory sphere can help clients to avoid negative surprises and be more flexible and prepared. FWD helps its clients and also TC- Consult Associates in pursuing their goals and to avoid potential risks of a political, regulatory or corporate nature. The scope of this collaboration agreement is to use our expertise to provide services to various businesses, industries, government organisations and international organisations in various jurisdictions. Outside the European Union.
FWD has exported its advisory services to North America, the Caribbean region, Central and South East Asia, as well as Australia.

TC-Consult & Associates signed a collaboration agreement with MEDINA HOUSE GROUP - July 2018

TC-Consult & Associates signed a collaboration agreement with MEDINA HOUSE GROUP,  formed originally over time by a group of Companies and Associates; offering award-winning specialities and services within, and allied to the property market. Medina House Group are centred on the new and exciting Hub of the Mediterranean. The possibilities within Malta and its islands for design services around commerce, business, hospitality and special projects with an eco - centric theme abound throughout Southern Europe. This target market has been identified as a fertile business landscape and an exponentially growing future opportunity.
Since the 1990's, Medina House Group has been a front-runner in offering one-off design solutions including bespoke manufacture, leading-edge products and eco-integration within speciality schemes to our discerning Clients. From the outset Medina House Group (MHG) has offered a comprehensive service in providing both the design and site installation necessary to realise each project. They have found this efficiency and the flexibility of a highly skilled team extremely beneficial to their Clients.

TC- Consult & Associates has reached an agreement with Funding Support Services for the provision of EU funds consultancy, project management and procurement services to TC-Consult prospective clientèle - July 2018

TC- Consult & Associates has reached an agreement with Funding Support Services for the provision of EU funds consultancy, project management and procurement services to TC-Consult prospective clientèle. Funding Support is a one-stop shop company based in Malta that specializes in EU funds and other funding opportunities for SMEs, government entities, local councils and non-governmental organisations. The company's core services centre around:  

  • EU funds/national funds advisory services
  • Training on EU funds, project management and public procurement
  • Project management
  • Technical assistance on public procurement
Funding Support is backed by a team of experts to provide a comprehensive package solution to our clients and a top-notch quality service.

TC-Consult & Associates have joined forces with an Interior Design and Architectural consortium - May 2018

TC-Consult & Associates have joined forces with an Interior Design and Architectural consortium, to handle all typre of mega projects within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry including architectural design, mepa application interior, structural, pool interior lighting, furniture, electric & plumbing layouts and landscaping design, detailing & specification, quantity surveying, project management, turnkey design & build. Commissioning, Preperation of Tourism Compliance Certificates, Sales & Marketing and General Management for projects in Malta, Middle East, North African and Balkan countries and UAE. 
Saviour Camilleri Burlo Interior Design & Architecture Ltd. has been at the leading edge in the field of interior design & architecture for the past 35 years and has been commissioned with just about 1000 projects to date satisfying clients’ requirements at lead timeframes. A new addition to the company is archiTACT. A group of young architects & structural engineers providing the most outstanding contemporary architectural design & engineering. Our aim is to be your one-stop-shop for all your design needs.
At Camilleri Burlo`, we have the expertise to assist you from the very first ideas to the very last final touches of your project. With our eye for detail and ‘Total Design’ philosophy, rest assured that you will get the ultimate results with our award winning specialists’ support along the way. Get in touch to discover more. 

TC-Consult & Associates and AME Health & Safety Services Ltd., has signed a Collaboration - May 2018

AME Health & Safety Services Ltd., recognizes the importance of achieving and maintaining good standards of health & safety management and is in place to help your organization do so. The Company’s Health & Safety Policy provides a framework to achieve good practice and compliance with legislative requirements, approved codes of practice and cost effective performance. AME Health and Safety Services Ltd is an ISO 9001 accredited company proud of our credentials as certified by the International Standards Organization – officially certified on August 12th 2011 and  is an OHSAS 18001 accredited company – certified on September 25th 2013 and llicence institution by NCFHE. 
AME brings to bear a wealth of expertise with years of operational experience at the cutting edge of health and safety consultancy and development in Malta and is Growing fast by developing new software systems and expanding in accredited and basic training courses and consultancy services in diversified fields. 

Consultancy Agreement signed by TC-Consult & Associates and Ananda Ltd. - 2nd May 2018

A consultancy agreement has been signed between TC-Consult & Associates and Ananda Ltd., to cover consultancy services in the setting up of a Health, Wellness and Spa Centre. Ananda  management believes in the passionate pursuit of excellence and financial success with uncompromising service and integrity, which is the reason for the Company in venturing into the global wellness hospitality industry.  TC- Consult & Associates Consultancy makes certain that the values and passion for excellence will help the management to drive the business to enviable heights and also help in attracting the numbers of clients that will keep the centre close to being fully booked throughout the year. 
Ananda vision is to operate a healing centre that will become unique with high quality service and optimum return to wellness rates for their Clients. It is our mission to become the number one choice for mind, body and spirit well-being around Europe,  as found in locations as far and wide as in Austria, Italy, Spain, Mallorca, London, Germany & France. 

Consultancy Agreement signed by TC-Consult & Associates and Zenith Malta Division Ltd. - 2nd April 2018

A consultancy agreement has been signed between TC-Consult & Associates and Zenith Malta Division Ltd., to cover consultancy in the promotion and marketing of Environmental Hygiene and Cleaning Services, exclusively services provided in the islands of Malta,  Europe, Asia, North Africa, UAE and countries within the Mediterranean region for the hospitality, catering, health care, shipping and / or aviation industry, amongst other sectors. 
ZENITH SERVICES GROUP, Leader in the sector for the results achieved in the cleaning, disinfection, dis-infestation, gardening, Zenith Services Group works for several years taking advantage of highly qualified staff, focusing on the quality of service offered, for a total customer’ satisfaction. Zenith Services Group is an expression of quality, design, flexibility, prevention, satisfaction  Whether it be an office or a hotel, supermarket or department store, Zenith Services Group is able to solve any cleaning needs and project customized solutions, the most suitable with regard to techniques, methods and response times. Over the years, thanks to a continuous increase in sales, the company has been able to set new objectives, evidence of the dynamism that has always characterized Zenith Services Group. Since the year 2016, the company has widened its scope by creating a group and beginning exporting its work method to Malta: Zenith Brochuere -  Zenith Website

The Global Club of Leaders has nominated Baron Chev Anthony C. Coleiro - Managing Partner of TC-Consult & Associates for the Manager of the Year  2017/2018 Awards - April 2018

The Global Club of Leaders, one of the regional business leaders has nominated Baron Chev. Anthony C. Coleiro – Managing Partner of TC-Consult & Associates for the Manager of the Year Award. The Manager of the Year award recognises CEO s, company owners and top‐managers who gave a significant input to the success of their companies by advancing the best management practice and serving for employees and customers. ‘TC‐Consult & Associates was chosen as the nominee for the Best Regional Enterprise Award. This is in recognition of your excellent industry reputation, effective strategy and constant expansion of the enterprise. The research was conducted by the analytical centres of the Global Club of Leaders and its partners. The selection of eminent business leaders is based on the company performance and effectiveness, vision and leadership, competitiveness, innovation level and corporate social responsibility.
The Summit of Leaders is a permanent interactive platform for international economic, academic and inter-cultural cooperation. The events are traditionally organized in collaboration with regional partners. Since 2000, over 8000 delegates worldwide have visited the Summits of Leaders, hundreds of innovative projects have been presented, specialized working meetings for experience sharing and negotiations have been conducted, as well as networking events for rectors of higher educational institutions.

TC-CONSULT & ASSOCIATES has signed a collaboration agreement with BLUE BORDER HOLDINGS LTD. – April 2018

TC-CONSULT & ASSOCIATES has signed a collaboration agreement with Blue Border Holdings Ltd., a risk management company with a global reach, which has been in operation since 2011. They specialize in providing comprehensive risk management services, including risk awareness; mitigation; response and training services to our diverse client portfolio.They pro-actively work with our clients to provide long term; cost effective risk management solutions to support their commercial interests in challenging and insecure environments.
Blue Border Holdings was built with ensuring that the highest legal, moral and ethical values are at the core of everything they do. They are totally committed to the highest standards of accountability; transparency and quality and their approach combines professional integrity and quality. They believe that combining high ethical standards and quality throughout the company, best serves their clients and the communities in which they operate.

TC-Consult & Associates signs Collaboration Agreement with Gulf Coast Investments Corporation – January 2018

TC-Consult & Associates has initiated business collaboration with Gulf Coast Investments Corporation, a Local Oman Company - CR No 1126203, in the Sultanate of Oman- Muscat. Gulf Coast Investment is a corporation that deals mainly with global business sectors, including - Real Estate Services, Hotel Management, Tourism Travel Agencies, Solar Energy Systems, Service Energy Industrials including Oil & Gas, Several industries food & Non food Trade, Export and Import. Baron Chev Anthony C. Coleiro KGC (OBSS) MBA, proprietor of TC-Consult & Associates, has also been entrusted as the personal advisor and consultant for Gulf Coast Investments, in any business relations to promote the Maltese Islands in Oman and vice versa.

TC-Consult & Associates in Partnership with Sapphire Real Estates Services – December 2017

TC-Consult & Associates has initiated business collaboration with Sapphire Sapphire Real Estates Services founded in 2003 - The name Sapphire was conceived by the owner of the Group, as the gem actually represents Dame Jane Chircop’s own birthstone, for her it also meant that it would be a good to a new life-cycle in the business. As conscientious estate agents, they strongly believe in selling, renting, relocating and restoring the beautiful traditional old houses that are rich in architecture. These are often unique or interesting properties and Malta has many of these in its towns and villages. Sapphire Real Estate Malta is thus actively involved in preserving our rich local heritage and architecture.

Sapphire Real estates aims to be the best Local Real Estate Agents in Malta, offering the best service to our customers. They deliver superior customer care and service quality in Malta and Gozo that exceeds our clients' expectations. Management ensures that trust, respect and integrity permeate all their day to day dealings with continuous improvements.

TC-Consult & Associates signed a business collaboration agreement with Capital Alliance Ltd. - December 2015

TC-Consult & Associates has initiated business cooperation with Capital Alliance Ltd., which forms part of the Progetta Group, a project management company for residential and commercial real estate owners and developers offering a professional service for the management, installation and provision of services. As Malta's pioneer in design and build, Capital Alliance has developed and implemented specific tools to apply higher level, green and sustainable best practices most effectively within their community of design and build market sectors.

An owner’s choice of project delivery system and procurement approach, Capital Alliance has a direct correlation to project results. These choices are among the first decisions an owner will make on a specific project, and they form the foundation for how the project will be executed and the key project players will communicate and relate to each other. An owner should make a strategic decision as to how to take full advantage of the many benefits that are inherent in Capital Alliance's design and build process being public or private, vertical or horizontal. large and small projects.

TC-Consult & Associates signed a business collaboration agreement with Imitosis Media Consortium - January 2017

TC-Consult & Associates has initiated business collaboration with Imitosis Media - - a consortium made up of a young production team, talented and driven individuals, all with the same goal in mind; storytelling through amazing visuals, sound and script-writing. Depending on the audience, budget and vision, Imitosis Media will be able to develop a package which suits the needs of their respective clients. The equipment and units used are carefully assigned to their multi-talented crew that attained industry experience with work such as - Television Programming, Music Videos, Weddings, Cinema (Local Short-films & Foreign Full Features), Live Events and You-tube/Social Media Clips. At Imitosis Media, their video products reflect the message truthfully, translating the brand identity through video with an eye for detail to ensure a product of high production value for their clients' success. Amongst other professional services in the media / filming industry, Imitosis Media Consortium provides also pre - production services, filming, editing and colour scriptwriting, scoring and production design.

Consultative Agreement signed by iMNG Group and TC-Consult & Associates. - August 2016

Effective Marketing Ltd & iMNG Ltd., subsidiaries of iMNG Group, publishers and owners of various market-leading publications, organisers of expos in Malta and specialising in Effective Marketing by giving professional advice and creating solutions, has appointed Chev Tony Coleiro in his personal capacity and on behalf of TC-Consult, Editor of Hospitality Malta Publication and Group Consultant to future events linked to Hospitality and the Tourism Industry.

Hospitality Malta Magazine Issue 1 click here
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TC-Consult & Associates has signed a business collaboration agreement with PTL Ltd. - July 2016

PTL Ltd., has been in business since 1946, reaches out to customers with a vast portfolio of ICT solutions. PTL's team of more than 100 dynamic professionals are experts in business integration, enterprise-wide solutions and contracted outsourcing.
Across PTL’s international functions, they service a prestigious client base in Malta and North Africa. PTL partners major names like IBM, NCR, Cisco, Red Hat and Lenovo.
It provides round-the-clock support infrastructure, integration skills and local knowledge to support businesses in putting complex solutions in place. PTL specialises in IT solutions for business and is heavily engaged in the banking, retail and hospitality sectors and offers services for accounting purposes and infrastructure needs.
With their main offices in Malta, PTL has access to channel partners in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Catenian Association - Malta

Baron Chev Tony Coleiro has been elected President of the  San Lucian Circle Catenian Association - Malta. The Catenian Association is a voluntary organisation of Catholic laymen. Founded in Manchester in 1908 as the Chums Benevolent Association, its original and essential characteristics were typical of many male societies established in the period before the First World War. In 1910, the Chums became The Catenian Association. The basic unit of the Association is the Circle and members are known as Brothers. In 1910, there were five Circles with 250 Brothers; by 1914, there were 27 Circles with 1,593 Brothers. Since that formative period, the Association has continued to expand. Now there are around 10.000 Brothers in Circles in the United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, Ireland, Malta and India.

International Star Award

It has been announced that on the basis of ISAQ regulations and criteria of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model, TC-Consult & Associates has been designated to receive the ISAQ International Star Award for Quality in the Gold Category in Geneva, September 28th. The Companies and organisations to be awarded in 2012 have been designated by the ISAQ Selection Committee as distinguished local and national leaders, or large corporations, all of which demonstrate excellence within each sector, increased market share, improved results as well as sustainability.

B.of Joy — Cooperative Fair-trade Pro — Life Bank

B. of Joy is an international cooperative fair-trade pro-life bank in formation. It's a grass-roots citizens' initiative by professionals. Already supported by thousands of people. We introduce the fixed value currency URA. Web offer: - Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social returns (F.E.E.S.) on the basis of natural growth. We invest in local economies and sustainable projects for a healthy and just society. B. of Joy is about liberation. A bank of. for and by the people. For further details visit us on:

TC-Consult In Partnership with Synovent - September 2013

‘SYNOVENT is a company established at end of 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria by professionals with strong experience in the travel and tourism industry. We enjoy what we do and we believe that synergy and innovation are the way to the successful growth of companies in the business. We can and we know how to help our customers to improve their corporate performance by defining their problems and developing plans for applying the best practices for their specific business needs. Mr. Kaloyan Vangelov – Managing Partner at Synovent from its start. Mr. Kaloyan is Member of the Board of Directors of Bulgarian Convention and Visitors Bureau and Mr. Kaloyan was General Manager of The General Sales Agent of Niki and Air Berlin for Bulgaria and Director Corporate Sales and Business Development of BCD Travel Bulgaria. Mr. Kaloyan has a Master’s degree in tourism from The Sofia University in Bulgaria and more than 10 years professional experience in corporate travel management, project management and business development. Ms. Zlatina Shkaki – Managing Partner at Synovent from its start. Ms. Zlatina was Head of Finance at and has a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria and more than 11 years professional experience in corporate finance management, business planning and financial analyses for different investment projects.

Press release 26th July 2010

Chev Tony Coleiro M.B.A., F.I.H., F.I.S.M.M., F.Inst.T.T., F.T.E., M.L.J., O.B.S.S. has been appointed Tourism Ambassador for Europe, by the Executive Council, and The International Board of Ambassadors of the Institute of Hospitality which represents professional managers in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries and has a worldwide membership with members represented in all sectors of the industry including hotels, contract catering, restaurants, pubs and clubs, as well as leisure outlets, theme parks and sports venues. The Institute of Hospitality is managed as an educational institution, and exists to benefit its members in their career and professional development, as well as continuing to improve industry sector standards. The primary purpose of the Institute of Hospitality is to promote the highest professional standards of management and education in the international hospitality, leisure and tourism industries.
There are currently eight International Ambassadors who play a vital role in promoting the Institute of Hospitality world-wide, representing Africa – South, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Middle East, Caribbean and South America, North America, Southern Europe and Mediterranean and Europe. Ambassadors provide a point of contact for anyone wanting to know more about the Institute and are always pleased to hear from members in their region, play a very important role and direct liaison with National Tourism Organisations, Tourism and Hospitality Groups and other professional bodies and entities. Institute of Hospitality Ambassadors represent the Institute at functions, conferences and events and are helping to increase Institute of Hospitality membership and accreditation of educational programmes in their region, as well as supporting honorary representatives to form new International Group.

View Appointment Certificate

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